Sunday, July 8, 2012


Our Rabbit is a lean and tender meat with a delicate, slightly sweet flavor that can be enjoyed fried, grilled, roasted, braised or stewed. Pairing its versatility with the nutritional facts makes a compelling case for more rabbit in our diets. Rabbit is lower in calories and cholesterol, but higher in protein than the more popular choices: chicken, veal, turkey, lamb, beef and pork.

Rabbit meat is all white, similar in texture to chicken and cooks much like chicken meat does, sharing its versatility. But many find the flavor richer and more rewarding.

The saddle cut is simply the center of the rabbit, and in this case, it still contains the bones. Often stuffed and roasted whole, the tender saddle, like the loin, is also good when pan-roasted, accompanied by a simple sauce, and perhaps made with cream and mustard.

The Benefit :
1. Humanely raised
2. Low in calories and cholesterol
3. High in protein and nutrition (USDA states it is the most nutritious meat)
4. Antibiotic and hormone free
5. No preservatives or additives

Try out our new boneless rabbit meat just for RM17.50 / 500gram for this Ramadhan.


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