Saturday, June 25, 2011

Commercial Rabbit Farming

If you are considering commercial rabbit farming, then you are probably wondering which rabbit products sell the best, and will bring you the most profit, for the least expense. In this article, we look at which products you should focus on, if you want to make money off commercial rabbit production.

Meat Products
Many people struggle with the idea of eating rabbits. However, it’s long been a delicacy in parts of the world even in Malaysia and most of our consumer now start eating it as a healthy meat, and it’s fast gaining popularity in other parts of the area, where it’s low cost, high yield and sustainability are just a few of the driving factors.

If you are looking into commercial rabbit production, then farming rabbits for meat is a great idea, as it is a low cost business to start, requires little in the way of specialized equipment, and can become profitable fast. Here, in Beruas agrofarm we can provide you best quality rabbit breeds included NZ White, Chincillia and Giant Flemish.

Rabbit Wool
Another popular rabbit product that is a good choice for the new commercial farmer is rabbit wool. Angora rabbits are more labor intensive to farm, but their wool sells for a premium price, and since every rabbit can produce wool every three to four months for the duration of their lifetime, it can be a very profitable operation. Buyers in the textile industry buy raw rabbit fur, and then process it themselves.

Rabbit Fur
In recent years, there have been various social outcries about exotic fur trading. However, there remains a demand for fur. Rabbit fur is a by-product of meat rabbit farming, which can bring the commercial rabbit farmer a significant additional income. In Beruasagrofarm we provided you a training to produce quality home made rabbit fur.

As with rabbit wool, the majority of buyers for this type of rabbit product are in the fashion industry.

Waste Products
It is a little known fact, but rabbit faeces and urine are both known to be excellent fertilizers, and if you own and manage a commercial rabbit breeding farm, you can collect these and sell them to other farmers as fertilizers for their crops. As with rabbit fur, this means that even the so-called waste products generated by your business have commercial value.

A Low Cost, High Profit Industry
Because there are so many rabbit products that can be sold commercially, and because setting up and running a commercial rabbitry is a low cost venture, that can be accomplished in a relatively small area, it is becoming more and more common for people around the world to turn their thoughts to rabbits as livestock.

There you have it. Several ideas for profitable rabbit products, that you can start producing with a low outlay, and with less labor than just about any other livestock business out there, and maybe becoming one of our business partner.


Anonymous said...

I would like to start a rabbit farm amd want more information about the industry

tukang kebun said...

Please study this 'mikro' industry first before make necessary plan.

Anonymous said...

akum...mak saya ada mengusahakan penternakan arnab tetapi mengalami masalah utk memasarkan arnab tersebut. blhkah kamu membantu

Anonymous said...

where is your location?

Anonymous said...

Salam, saya ingin membeli arnab hidup untuk projek penyelidikan. Jual x arnab hidup? Kalau jual, harga berapa? Terima kasih.

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