Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rabbit Meat Overcome Infertility

Rabbit as a pet also turns out that the meat is also believed to cure a disease. interesting experience in Sleman – Yogyakarta. A breeder of rabbits, a day after the arrival of people struggling to breathe. Without a lot of comments that the heart of the person directly dibakarkan applications rabbit liver more. Without considering the execution of the request. Once the rabbit meat is cooked, the person directly eat until nothing. About 5 minutes later, the man who turned out for people with asthma are more difficult. Even his face seemed sumringah. A moment later, the person to explain that rabbit meat rabbit breeders effective in curing asthma. Furthermore, when cooked by boiling.

Effectiveness of rabbit meat was discovered two students from the Faculty of Medicine of the UB Malang. Content of ketotifen on rabbit meat as an alternative for people with asthma. Molecular compounds in meat can cure asthma. The most effective is in the rabbit liver. To maintain levels of nutrients and the contents of this ketotifen, is best prepared with a hard system.

Based on these strange experiences finally opened the pedanag rabbit satay stall near his home. Almost every day there are customer specific organs in the rabbit, for example the head, liver, bile, and penis. According to the buyer, the organs of these animals has its own effectiveness as a treatment alternative.

Based on his experience, satay traders said that all parties of the effectiveness of rabbits to cure diseases. For example the head, liver, gall, meat and penis. But there are those who can not be known, who knows about the blood and skin also was a powerful property.

The rabbit head which is the brain, for example, can increase a woman’s fertility. rabbit liver to treat asthma. The meat is known to have high protein and low in cholesterol are also good for health. Who is the penis and testes of animals can increase the strength of men.

How to grow there is enough plastic incorporated then steamed. In fact scientific research on the effectiveness of rabbit meat has not been heard, but some people have expressed (suggestions) of the effectiveness of the truth of rabbit meat.


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