Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daging Arnab dari pandangan islam

Daging arnab adalah halal dimakan, sama seperti haiwan mamalia maun (mamalia herbivore) yang telah dibincangkan sebelum ini. Daging arnab amat sesuai untuk menghangatkan badan serta mengeringkan badan.Manakala, bahagian daging arnab yang terbaik adalah daging di pangkal pehanya yang sebelah kanan. Dengan memakan daging arnab, seseorang boleh mendapat struktur perut yang lebih kecil (perut yang kecil mampu mengawal pengambilan bahan makanan yang terlalu banyak sekaligus mengurangkan risiko obesiti (berat badan melampau) serta kencing manis).Pengambilan daging arnab yang terkawal juga boleh melancarkan aliran air kencing dan menghancurkan batu karang pada salur dan pundi kencing. Pengambilan daging arnab di bahagian kepalanya secara terkawal mampu menjadi penawar kepada seseorang yang mengalami penyakit menggeletar.

Berikut adalah maksud sepotong Hadis berkenaan kebolehan memakan daging arnab;

Dari Annas bin Malik RA, ia berkata: “Meloncati kami seekor arnab, maka mereka berusaha mengejarnya dan berhasil menangkapnya. Lalu Abu Talhah mengirimkan pangkal pehanya (arnab itu) kepada Rasulullah SAW, lalu Baginda menerimanya”.

(Hadis Riwayat Imam Bukhari dan Imam Muslim)(Asy-Syaikhan)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Whole Rabbit Cutting - The Cooking Inn

For new beginner, please follow below steps:
Cutting the carcass:

Rabbit carcasses are usually classified as "fryers or young rabbits" and as "roasters or mature rabbits." A fryer is usually a domestic rabbit weighing 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds (<12 weeks of age). Its flesh is fine grained, a bright pearly pink color and tender.

Roasters usually weigh 4 pounds and are from animals at least 8 months old. The flesh of a roaster is more firm and coarse grained than that of a fryer. Roaster carcasses may contain a cream colored fat, have a slightly darker colored flesh, and be less tender than that of a fryer.

The following cutting diagram and description yields portions for individual servings

A. Remove Rear Legs and Tail
Cut parallel to and on each side of tail forward until knife contacts leg bones.
Cut perpendicular to spine in front of hip joint on each leg.
Remove by twisting to separate joint.
Cut through spine to remove tail and tail head.

B. Remove Back and Flanks
Cut through spine and along ribs.
Remove flanks by separating thinner flank from thicker muscles of back.

C. Remove Front Legs through the natural seam between the foreleg and ribs

D. Split the Rib with a cleaver or large knife by cutting through and parallel to the spine.

Most recipes call for the rabbit to be cut into 9 or 11 pieces.Well done

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rabbit meat is a best choice to environment.

Rabbit meat may not be something you have ever tried and you should try and most people haven't likely tried it. For us it is a 'niche' market. It isn't something you see at the local grocery store, local restaurant or that you see in the weekly grocery ad on sale. However, there is probably more about rabbit meat that you don't know besides the taste.

Rabbit is actually becoming very popular due to the fact that it has many benefits over other types of meat. Rabbit is a very environmentally friendly meat. From the space it takes to farm rabbits to the fact they breed quickly, rabbits are a meat that may be something you soon see at the store and may even see on your own table.

To begin with farming rabbits requires very little land and space. Rabbits also breed quickly, with the average gestation period being less than one month. Additionally, rabbits are clean and quiet. This means rabbit meat is quite plentiful and doesn't require large farms which use precious land and create issues with waste and smells. These issues are something major when it comes to other meat sources, like cows and chicken. Here in Beruas Agrofarm the environment is a major factor to raised quality rabbit meat production.

Another great thing is that it is easy to process. Rabbits are easy to slaughter, too. This leads to low costs because they don't cost a fortune to slaughter and get ready for sale.

On the other side of things and the point you are probably wondering about, rabbit is a very healthy meat. It is lean and has a taste that is sweeter and a bit more mild than chicken. It is a versatile meat that can be used in many different ways. Rabbit meat can be turned into burgers, stews or eaten alone.

When it comes right down to it, rabbits are one of the most environmentally friendly meat sources. Here in Beruas Agrofarm rabbits are butchered in the most careful process with HALAL process. They aren't going to become an endangered species and there are many benefits that make rabbit a far better meat source than other options.