Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cooking Tips for Rabbit

Cooking Tips
There are two points to remember when cooking Rabbit:

First, like all game meat, Rabbit is best cooked in a liquid. Yes, you can certainly grill Rabbit if you first brush it well with cooking oil and you can Barbecue Rabbit the same way. If oven-roasting, coat the meat with oil and then wrap in foil. However, Rabbit will be really at its most tender if you cover it, or keep spooning it, with liquid - stock, sauces, marinades etc - while it is cooking. "Slow Cookers" are an ideal way of producing a really tasty, tender meal.

Second, if you want to cook it in a microwave, we suggest you carefully follow the method used in the "Rabbit in Tomato Sauce recipe", detailed in our Simple Recipes section. Many types of meat are difficult to cook satisfactorily in a microwave and for success with Rabbit please follow the guidelines shown!


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