Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Bit of our Products

Farmed Rabbit

In our farm, you will find both fresh whole Farmed Rabbit (1.10 or 1.30 kgs minimum weight) and frozen whole Wild Rabbit (typically 1.0 kgs).

1. Rabbit Portions & Boneless Rabbit

As well as the Whole Farmed Rabbit you will see in both Bone-in Portions and Boneless Portions. There's also a "PortionPack" of bone-in smaller portions.

Additionally, we do a special pack of excellent value Boneless Rabbit Meat especially for Casseroles and Stews.

Minced Bone-In Rabbit

1. Minced Bone-In Rabbit

There are 2 versions of Minced Farmed Rabbit shown in farm, with different meat contents. For these 2 products, if required, we can also supply packs of edible offals (ref wp10) - hearts, lungs, liver and kidneys.


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