Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rabbit Fur production

Rabbit fur is a highly sought-after product; here in Beruas Agrofarm we begin to develop our after product from rabbit meat. We know every inch of rabbits have their own value, normally rabbit fur known for its softness, thickness, warmth and durability compare to other fur.

Rabbit fur is commonly used for items such as winter coats (in western), hats, scarves, gloves and blankets. Even in Malaysia, it is hard to find this product. Most of it comes in a variety of colours and patterns. If you are looking for a particular rabbit-fur product, identifying its authenticity and type is key.

Some of the key to determine is by rabbit grooved, short to medium-length hair. Rabbit fur is notably soft and "velvety" to the touch. Coyote fur, on the other hand, is dense and coarse.

With the consultation with experiences people in Museums Department of Malaysia, this is a small steps we taken.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cooking Tips for Rabbit

Cooking Tips
There are two points to remember when cooking Rabbit:

First, like all game meat, Rabbit is best cooked in a liquid. Yes, you can certainly grill Rabbit if you first brush it well with cooking oil and you can Barbecue Rabbit the same way. If oven-roasting, coat the meat with oil and then wrap in foil. However, Rabbit will be really at its most tender if you cover it, or keep spooning it, with liquid - stock, sauces, marinades etc - while it is cooking. "Slow Cookers" are an ideal way of producing a really tasty, tender meal.

Second, if you want to cook it in a microwave, we suggest you carefully follow the method used in the "Rabbit in Tomato Sauce recipe", detailed in our Simple Recipes section. Many types of meat are difficult to cook satisfactorily in a microwave and for success with Rabbit please follow the guidelines shown!

About rabbit meat


Rabbit Meat has a distinctive but mild flavour, quite unlike the taste of wild rabbit which many people find too strong. Because of its mild flavour, it is easy to produce a meal which can be as mildly flavoured (Rabbit with Mushrooms and Tomatoes, for example) or as strongly flavoured (Rabbit in a Mustard Sauce) as you wish.

Nutritional Information:

Rabbit Meat is good for you! 100 g (about 3.5 oz) raw rabbit contains 135 KCal and 20 g of Protein. The legs and loins are very low fat - typically 2 - 3%. The shoulders have some fat on them which gives them more flavour (particularly if grilled or barbequed) , but it also increases the fat content to about 7%. However, cholesterol is really low at about 55 mg per 100 g.

As the one of the farm source for Malaysia Rabbit Meat, we can offer you Rabbit any way you want it: whole Rabbit, just Legs or Loins - bone-in, boneless. The Shoulders are really AND rabbit is just as delicious hot in the festive season or special occasion. A really versatile Meat for the 21st Century

A Bit of our Products

Farmed Rabbit

In our farm, you will find both fresh whole Farmed Rabbit (1.10 or 1.30 kgs minimum weight) and frozen whole Wild Rabbit (typically 1.0 kgs).

1. Rabbit Portions & Boneless Rabbit

As well as the Whole Farmed Rabbit you will see in both Bone-in Portions and Boneless Portions. There's also a "PortionPack" of bone-in smaller portions.

Additionally, we do a special pack of excellent value Boneless Rabbit Meat especially for Casseroles and Stews.

Minced Bone-In Rabbit

1. Minced Bone-In Rabbit

There are 2 versions of Minced Farmed Rabbit shown in farm, with different meat contents. For these 2 products, if required, we can also supply packs of edible offals (ref wp10) - hearts, lungs, liver and kidneys.