Monday, January 17, 2011

Rabbit Common Sense

Myth #1
Rabbits can live on just carrots, lettuce, and cabbage. A million non-rabbit people I know think this is true.
The Truth: Just like people, rabbits require a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and fiber. And just like people, they simply cannot survive on a diet limited to just two or three items, especially if one of those items is basically nothing but water (iceberg lettuce). The easiest way to provide for a rabbit's nutritional needs is to find a feed dealer who sells a good quality rabbit pellet. Then you can add the carrots as a treat.

Myth #2
A rabbit can be picked up by its ears. Ouch!
--Stealth Dog
The Truth: A rabbit's ears are not a handle. Try having someone pick you up by your ears if you want to see how it feels! The proper way to pick up a rabbit is to scoop it up, supporting its body with both hands.
--D. Wanda Twellman

Myth #3
Perhaps the worst myth out there is that baby bunnies are weaned and ready to be sold at three to four weeks of age. So many people think that because rabbits are eating solid food at that age that the rabbits are ready to be away from mom.
The Truth: This is probably one of the myths that upsets the reputable breeders the most. A baby rabbit of only three or four weeks still requires its mother's rich milk even though it may be nibbling solid food. Forcibly weaning it this young can cause serious problems later. Weaning at four weeks of age is strictly for the commercial rabbit meat grower and only under controlled conditions!

Myth #4
You can tell everything you need to know about a rabbit from a pedigree.
The Truth: A pedigree is only as good as the person writing it. Anyone who wants can falsify a pedigree to make a rabbit appear better than it is. I say, know who you are dealing with, and if you feel uneasy, go elsewhere to make your purchase.
--Dennis, C.V.R.


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