Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinese New Years Promotion

Rabbit meat has a mild flavour with a sweet nutty aftertaste, very different to the stronger, gamey taste of hare. As a meat it is quite dry, making it ideal for stews and casseroles. Becoming more and more popular due to it's low fat content, and low cholesterol levels, rabbit is now on the gourmet menu. Nowdays many modern Chinese women prefer eating rabbit meat than chicken during the one-month confinement period after giving birth and the nutritious value of rabbit meat is more than double that of a chicken.

It is also a Chinese belief that eating rabbit meat cooked with herbs can improve one’s health especially if one is suffering from extreme fatigue or recovering from a surgery or illness.

These New Zealand White rabbits, whole, with liver, are the ideal way to spice up a meal, Delicious and nutritious.

Reservation for Chinese New Order 8.01.2011 - 8.02.2011.

1) Rabbit Carcass Whole Rabbit , approx 1.3kg
2) Pure Rabbit Meat, approx 1.0kg
3) Satey Rabbit Meat,

Minimum Order 25 kilogram up to 250 kilogram for item 1 and 2
Purchase Order : 1 weeks before delivery.
Get 10% Off on every purchase


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