Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daging arnab ..?

Daging Arnab - Roast Frozen

Daging Arnab - Fried Frozen

Ayat pertanyaan biasa di pasar ramadhan...daging arnab?

Ramadhan kali ini Beruas Agro turun ke pasar ramadhan untuk mempromosikan daging arnab. Sambutan memang menggalakan untuk produk yang baru seperti ini dan yang pasti sesiapa yang telah mencubanya pasti akan kembali mencarinya.

Berminat boleh hubungi En.Aizam : 019-2822513

# Kami memberikan nasihat cara masakan kepada yang berminat, untuk memastikan kualiti dan rasa masakan lazat.

Sekitar Majlis berbuka puasa - Beruas Agrofarm

Komen dari Krew Beruas Agrofarm ;
Masakan : C+
Rekabentuk Restoran : B
Persembahan Kugiran : A
Servis : C+
Lain-lain : Surau disediakan ; A+

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daging Arnab @ Rabbit Meat Everywhere

Hidangan berbuka Puasa.

Kami menyajikan hidangan istimewa untuk anda sekalian.
Menerima tempahan daging sepanjang Ramadhan dan sempena kedatangan syawal.

Tinggalkan juadah berbuka biasa bersama ayam dan daging.
Nikmatilah hidangan daging arnab buat kali pertama.
Untuk anda yang mahu mencuba masakan baru dan menjaga kesihatan.

Nikmatilah daging arnab segar bersama keluarga tersayang dan rakan taulan.
Hargailah mereka dengan menyajikan hidangan dan kualiti daging arnab yang terbaik.

Sajian istimewa daging arnab segar.
Sajian penuh khasiat daging arnab.
Mampu memberikan kelainan pada Ramadhan kali ini.

Hanya yang halal dan segar dari Beruas Agrofarm.
Penghantaran percuma disekitar lembah Klang dan berdekatan pengedar kami.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan

Once upon time in Singapore.

Meet our customer.... brought me to Singapore.
After taking quite a long time to settle down cos all of us are excited...Suddden pang of hunger brought us back to reality.Its time for CHOW DOWN! And so what did we order?..

U can check out the menu here

Pic 1 : Egg plant salad-moist grilled eggplant..not bad.I was expecting Baba Ghanoush.#my menu

Pic 2 : This is Chef Plate- a bit of everything on a plate.If u are unsure what to order and u love meat, then this is the answer..beef,chicken,lamb and rabbit a special request from the chef.#my menu

Pic 3 : The chef.

Verdict:Ok.The food is ok. Im not gonna touch on others, but only my food and those that I had the opportunity to taste.Actually I tasted al ot to such extend that I did not touch my own food till half an hour later or is it an hour? Overall comment on my part -the rice and grilled meats are dry.and the rabbit meat is pure tender.

Experiment completed.
Thanks for the chef of arabic.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kebab - with rabbit

Middle East Night
Kebab - with rabbit@kebab - daging arnab?

Part 1
Ordered mixed kebab, lamb tagine, lamb couscous,fries, mixed seafood.The food comes in small sizes so I am able to finish them all.They even throw in free bread and some appetizers.
I like the crispy fries and the rest of the appetizers,couscous,fried squid and lamb tagine....and of course with experiment.It was alright.I wasnt really impressed .Perhaps I build my own expectations too high (when I was watching the travel program on tv)

Part 2
Anyway while the chefs are at work,grilling I snap the pictures of the colourful array of fresh meat,sausages, vegetables and the chef/cook signal to me to go to the backend where they cook.They took my pictures with them as if I was one of the staff.Cool!


Mixed grill of beef, lamb,chicken, rabbit and sausages with grilled onions and bell pepper

The Ischitana Rabbit


1 rabbit
500 gr. of tomatoes
Some Apple Juice
Some Olive Oil
2 Cloves of Garlic
Some Minced Basil
Hot Pepper

Cut the rabbit into small pieces, wash it with water and vinegar and dry it. Put the 2 cloves of garlic in the hot olive oil in a capacious saucepan. Eliminate the garlic when it becomes brown and add the rabbit pieces letting them brown on high heat. When all the pieces become well coloured add the apple juice and let it evaporate. Add now the cut tomatoes, the salt, the pepper and finally add all the herbs. Let it cook for more or less 30 minutes. Serve it warm.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Rabbit Meat

1. It is one of the best white meats available on the market today.
2. The meat has a high percentage of easily digestible protein.
3. It contains the least amount of fat among all the other available meets.
4. Rabbit meat contains less calorie value than other meats.
5. Rabbit meat is cholesterol free and therefore heart patient friendly.
6. The sodium content of rabbit meat is comparatively less than other meats.
7. The calcium and phosphorus contents of this meat or more than any other meats.
8. The ratio of me to bone is high meaning there is more edible meat on the carcass than even a chicken.
9. Rabbit meat with the many health benefits does not have a strong flavor and is comparable to chicken but not identical.
10. Rabbits are one of the most productive domestic livestock animal there is. Rabbits can produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water as the cow will produce 1 pound of meat on the same feed and water.

So as you can see there are many health benefits to eating rabbit meat. It is healthy for you and cheap to produce. Why not try to incorporate some rabbit meat into your diet today.
Kindly contact us for more detail.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rabbit fricassee

Coniglio in fricassea.

For Italian there are many recipes for rabbit in fricassea but this is the simplest and most straight forward I could find. Thank for my friend Ricarddo for basic cooking tutorial.(masakan orang malas) Well,It’s basically rabbit served with a sauce made from egg yolks and lemon juice.


•1 medium rabbit — cut into portions, washed and dried with kitchen paper
•2 egg yolks
•plain flour
•the juice of a Lemon
•1 whole Chilli – fresh or dried
•olive oil
•1 knob butter


1.Lightly dust the rabbit with flour.
2.Fry the pieces in a little olive oil to which you’ve added the knob of butter.
3.When the rabbit is nicely coloured, season with salt, add a ladle of water and cook over a low heat for around an hour and a half. If it looks like drying out, add a little more water.
4.When the rabbit is done remove to a serving plate and keep warm.
5.Beat the egg yolks together with the lemon juice and add the mixture to the cooking liquid left in the pan. Stir rapidly until you have a smooth sauce.
6.Top the pieces of rabbit with the sauce and serve.
7.Finally eat.yummmm

MAHA 2010 Launching

The soft launching of MAHA 2010 in Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur.

The MAHA Exposition biennial series is Malaysia’s leading agriculture show. Hosted by Ministry of Agriculture and Agro Based Industry and organised by Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority FAMA, it certainly is amongst the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the region, if not in Asia. This MAHA exposition to be held begining November 26th 2010 and run over 10 days.

MAHA 2010 is pertinently themed as ‘Agriculture Innovative for Growth’ . This will serve as showcase which marks a fresh beginning in the innovative agriculture and agrobased industries to gather the latest technologies in the related industries throughout the region.

Here in Beruas Agro Farm has been invited to be witness of the launching of MAHA Exposition 2010 Inaugurated by Y.B Datuk Seri Noh bin Omar, Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Based ndustry by 3rd August 2010.