Friday, December 24, 2010

How to Cut Up a Rabbit

A good alternative to spring ham, rabbit is a lean readily available alternative meal, lower in fat than pork or beef. There are a variety of recipes for rabbit but they all begin with cutting the rabbit. Below are the main steps for preparing a rabbit for cooking. It is a good idea to think of rabbit preparation as very similar to chicken preparation, making things a little easier to digest.

Difficulty: Easy

Lay skinned, washed and dried rabbit on its back on a clean non-porous cutting board. One rabbit can serve 4 people so only prepare as much as you need. Removal of head and feet should occur at the butcher.

Remove head and feet with a meat cleaver if still attached.

Cut away with a sharp knife the two flaps of skin clearly visible on the sides of the rabbit's torso under the arms. A sharp knife around the back and below the ribs will make removal easier. Discard the flaps or use similar to chicken wings.

Remove the front legs by cutting through connecting tissue with a knife. As the legs are not attached to the main skeleton, little force is necessary.

Locate the hole on rabbit torso where inner and outer workings connect. Press down hard with the flat of the knife, allowing for removal of any unwanted tissue.

Cut at hind legs with sharp knife just above the leg joins to sever connective tissue. Like the front legs there is no bone attaching the torso and leg.

Slice the rib cage and torso into 3 even pieces. Most recipes call for the rabbit to be cut into 9 or 11 pieces.

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