Monday, December 6, 2010

Food Award 2010

Congratulations to all winners and shortlistees.
We are pleased to be part of this industry and give opportunity to our company to promote rabbir as a healthy meat.

Restaurateur of the YearWinner:
Edward Hyde, Gastrodome (La Bodega, The Pressroom)

Benj Conway, The Nero Group
(Nerovivo, Neroteca, Nerofico, High Tide)
Werner Kuhn
(El Cerdo, El Cerdito, Werners, The Whisky Bar, Carmen's Vinothek)
Rudi Stecca (Ciao, Ciccio, Cipolla)
Benjamin Yong,
The Delicious Group (Delicious, DISH, Reunion)


Yoyok said...

Congrats for overall winners.

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