Monday, October 4, 2010

Healthy Meat

Rabbit meat has long been in high demand in Europe for its flavour and versatility and now these awareness has been rise in Asian Country included Malaysia.
From rich casseroles to the latest nouvelle cuisine, the flavour and texture of tender lean rabbit offers the contemporary chef vast opportunity.
And the fare is wonderfully healthy, with the least cholesterol of any meat - an enormous plus in an increasingly health conscious society.

Many chefs long to include a rabbit choice on their menus but have been unable to identify a reliable source offering consistent size and quality.

With Malaysia first premier-quality, high-volume branded rabbit product, Beruas AgroFarm is continue meeting the Malaysia market - perfectly.

Health Benefits

Rabbit meat is a white, fine-grained meat, from rabbits farmed off the ground, in a controlled, healthy environment
Rabbit meat is an extremely lean meat, low in cholesterol, fat, saturated fatty acids and sodium
The cholesterol and fat levels in rabbit meat are much lower than in chicken, turkey, beef, and pork
Of all domestic meats, rabbit has the highest protein content
Rabbit meat is a good source of iron and zinc, and an excellent source of selenium and vitamin b12


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