Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan

Once upon time in Singapore.

Meet our customer.... brought me to Singapore.
After taking quite a long time to settle down cos all of us are excited...Suddden pang of hunger brought us back to reality.Its time for CHOW DOWN! And so what did we order?..

U can check out the menu here

Pic 1 : Egg plant salad-moist grilled eggplant..not bad.I was expecting Baba Ghanoush.#my menu

Pic 2 : This is Chef Plate- a bit of everything on a plate.If u are unsure what to order and u love meat, then this is the answer..beef,chicken,lamb and rabbit a special request from the chef.#my menu

Pic 3 : The chef.

Verdict:Ok.The food is ok. Im not gonna touch on others, but only my food and those that I had the opportunity to taste.Actually I tasted al ot to such extend that I did not touch my own food till half an hour later or is it an hour? Overall comment on my part -the rice and grilled meats are dry.and the rabbit meat is pure tender.

Experiment completed.
Thanks for the chef of arabic.


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