Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kebab - with rabbit

Middle East Night
Kebab - with rabbit@kebab - daging arnab?

Part 1
Ordered mixed kebab, lamb tagine, lamb couscous,fries, mixed seafood.The food comes in small sizes so I am able to finish them all.They even throw in free bread and some appetizers.
I like the crispy fries and the rest of the appetizers,couscous,fried squid and lamb tagine....and of course with experiment.It was alright.I wasnt really impressed .Perhaps I build my own expectations too high (when I was watching the travel program on tv)

Part 2
Anyway while the chefs are at work,grilling I snap the pictures of the colourful array of fresh meat,sausages, vegetables and the chef/cook signal to me to go to the backend where they cook.They took my pictures with them as if I was one of the staff.Cool!


Mixed grill of beef, lamb,chicken, rabbit and sausages with grilled onions and bell pepper


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