Friday, July 30, 2010

Preparing a meat

Grain - the direction that the fibers in the meat are running.
Some prep requires the meat to be cut across the grain or across the fibers.
Other prep requires the meat to be cut with the grain, or in the same direction as the fibers.
Seams - the membranes that join the muscles
Cutting along a seam helps separate a large cut into smaller pieces
Visible or surface is usually cut away before cooking.
Silverskin - a tough membrane that surrounds some cuts of meat.
If not removed, it will shrink during cooking and cause the meat to buckle and cook unevenly.

To make a cutlet:trim the meat
cut pieces of equal thickness
Place meat between 2 layers of plastic wrap
Pound meat to an even thickness
Chill until ready to cook

To make stew meat:
Trim meat
Cut into same sized cubes
To make meat more tender, cut against the grain.
Cubed meat may then be ground


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