Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healthy Concern about rabbit meat.

(Daging arnab sumbat)

A balanced fatty acid composition

Rabbit meat also contains more 'healthy' fatty acids in comparison with other meat types. Linolic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid and alpha linolic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. These are essential fatty acids which our body does not produce itself and which have to be introduced by means of nourishment. Rabbit meat has a favourable ratio of linolic and alpha linolic acid. The ratio is 4 on average and thereby fully meets the recommendation, being 5 or lower.

The cholesterol content of rabbit meat is on average lower than 50 mg per 100 g meat, which is excellent.

Easily digestible

Bred rabbits are slaughtered young, when they are 12 to 13 weeks old. The meat of these young animals is tender and contains little collagen. The meat also remains tender during preparation. That is why rabbit is an easily digestible piece of meat.
A rabbit dish is mainly easily digestible when the recipe does not contain any 'heavy ingredients'. The use of much cream, butter and fat bacon makes the dish more rich in fat and less digestible. A light and healthy recipe is preferable.

Rabbit is almost indistinguishable from other meat sorts. It has a refined taste, is juicy and fits into the contemporary trend towards light cooking. Rabbit is easy to digest and contains a low fat- and cholesterol level, meaning not too many calories. Moreover, the fat contents of rabbit meat is very high: one-third saturated fatty acids and two-thirds unsaturated fatty acids, which is essential to prevent heart and vascular diseases. On the other hand, rabbit meat contains a high concentration of vitamins from the B-group, a lot of minerals and proteins of superior quality, which the human body requires both for children in their growth as well as for adults who are interested in the well-being of their bodies.

Beruas Agrofarm The best quality

Rabbit meat is of excellent quality and is amazingly tender. Rabbits are given a well balanced diet, the living surroundings are in accordance with the actual regulations and the slaughtering is done by specialised and follow halal procuders. Add to this a well taken care off presentation regarding points of sale and the customer immediately knows what he or she is in for. There is only one word to describe this food, and that is: quality.


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