Monday, June 28, 2010

What ails and worries us - Rabbit Meat

Watch your diet,What your diet

Percentage of respondents from Malaysia with a household member affected by the Condition, and who are ‘concerned quite a lot’ about the disease.

Condition Percentage Concerned

High Blood Pressure 56.3% 56.6%
High Cholesterol 45.3% 54.0%
Weight Problem 35.2% 38.5%

Source: Reader Digest Asian Healthy Survey

The best way to bolster a healthy is to improve everyday diet by eating more
Fruits and vegetable, consumed less salt or sugar, exercise and change the
Diet with take a less cholesterol meat and high protein to your body.
Because of its high protein content, excellent ratio of essential amino acids, low fat, high PER, weight gain and food consumption and efficient food conversion, and one can conclude that rabbit is an excellent source of animal protein.


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