Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rabbit Meat - Storing Rabbit

Because it is lean, with minimal fan and connective tissues, rabbit is more perishable than other meats; treat it like chicken or veal.

-Unwrap and refrigerate all rabbit immediately. Rub it with olive oil or cover in an oil based marinade to protect it.
-Store it in a Tupperware container or sit it on a rack on a plate and cover it with a tea towel.
-Rabbit should be eaten within two to three days.

A whole rabbit can be delicious when wrapped in bacon and roasted with garlic and onions and splash of wine (for non Muslim). But because the legs and saddle cook at very different rates I usually prefer to break them down into joints. Rabbit legs are wonderful for braising, while the tender saddle (which come from the centre of the back and is made up two loins and tiny fillets) are great for quick cooking.

Because rabbit has virtually no body fat you need to add it. I often marinate(peram in malay words) rabbit in generous amount of olive oil before cooking it, or the meat can be wrapped in bacon, prosciutto (is a cooking technique) or caul fat (caul fat is the fatty membrane), to provide lubrication as it cooks.

That it, enjoy your meals


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