Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Linguini with Rabbit, Olives, confit Garlic and Herbs

Rabbit meat was something I have try for a long time.

It looks like chicken meat, tasted more than chicken meat. It more flavor than chicken and more tender for fryer meat (Young rabbit),for old rabbit you can roast or make it as a satey.Just RM32 for above menu. Thank for The Nomad Gourmand

Monday, June 28, 2010

What ails and worries us - Rabbit Meat

Watch your diet,What your diet

Percentage of respondents from Malaysia with a household member affected by the Condition, and who are ‘concerned quite a lot’ about the disease.

Condition Percentage Concerned

High Blood Pressure 56.3% 56.6%
High Cholesterol 45.3% 54.0%
Weight Problem 35.2% 38.5%

Source: Reader Digest Asian Healthy Survey

The best way to bolster a healthy is to improve everyday diet by eating more
Fruits and vegetable, consumed less salt or sugar, exercise and change the
Diet with take a less cholesterol meat and high protein to your body.
Because of its high protein content, excellent ratio of essential amino acids, low fat, high PER, weight gain and food consumption and efficient food conversion, and one can conclude that rabbit is an excellent source of animal protein.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rabbit breed for meat

When discussing rabbit breeds we are only looking at those breeds preferred for their meat. For that reason, there are a couple of criteria to keep in mind. The giant breeds like the Flemish Giants do produce large fryers with a lot of meat. However, they also have larger bones, so the meat to bone ratio is not as good as smaller breeds.

The rabbit breeds most commonly raised for meat are the California and the New Zealand White. They are both for high milk production, ability to rebreed frequently, and for producing large litters.
Types of rabbit breed suitable for meat is a:

The Californian
The California is a meat rabbit developed in the United States this breed sometime known as Himalayan. Typically they weigh about 9-10 pounds and have white fur with black nose, ears, feet and tail. They are usually rather plump but have fine bones, meaning there is a good ratio of meat to bone. A California doe will usually produce a little of 6-8 babies.

The New Zealand White
The New Zealand meat rabbits is another breed developed in the United Stated, weighing 10-13 pounds when full grown. Their fur can range from white (thus “New Zealand White”) to red or black. They grow rapidly reaching 4-5 pounds by 8 weeks of age, with a well-muscled body and ears with prominent veins. A New Zealand doe will usually produce a litter of 8-10 babies.

Champagne D ’Argent
Two other rabbit breeds bred and raised for their meat are the Champagne D ’Argent and the Florida White. The Champagne is a medium length with larger hindquarters and usually weighs between 10 and 15 pounds when mature. On the other hand the Florida White is smaller, only 4-6 pounds and considered a better breed for the fryer market. It is becoming more and more popular with the backyard breeders of meat rabbits.

There are links online for finding breeders of the various meat rabbit breeds. Before buying breeding pairs, ask if you can see where they are being raised. Beware though that in an effort to keep down the introduction of disease some breeders will not permit you to tour their facility. Here in Beruas Agrofarm you can select your own breed for commercial purposed or for your own little cage.Since, we select only our best New Zealand White to produce our fresh and nutritious meat.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Urban Meat Choice

(Above diagramm rabbit legs with apple)

By now we all know that eating a lot of meat—especially factory-farmed meat or Non halal meat —isn’t very good for us. Fortunately for meat eaters, some meats are more sustainable than others. And as it turns out, rabbit is one of the healthiest, leanest, and most environmentally friendly meats you can eat.

Why rabbit is the most sustainable meat for the urban people.

There are many reasons for this. Mr. Abdul Rahman from Beruas Agrofarm explains
“The biggest reason that rabbits are a sustainable meat choice is that they eat forage, which is not useful for humans. This means that rabbits don’t compete with us for food calories." Rabbits are also, an ideal choice for urban farmers or diet person. Rabbits are small and can easily be raised and butchered by the DIY homesteader. They are easy to fit in a small backyard, and are happy to help you compost your leftover food. “You can feed a rabbit on your kitchen scraps,” says Rahman the founder of Beruas Agrofarm, and then use their waste as fertilizer.
(Rahman advises against feeding them too much fruit, however.)

Rabbits have a much smaller carbon footprint than other animals because they convert calories into pounds more efficiently. “Rabbit can produce six pounds of meat on the same amount of feed and water it takes a cow to produce just one pound.”says Mr.Rahman which is Master holder in Design Technology in UiTM.

So, are rabbits poised to become the next Malaysian diet staple? Or can rabbit meat replaced chicken and beef? He cont' “I don’t see rabbits taking over beef or chicken markets in the Malaysia or other countries...But maybe this rabbit meat can be a good nutritious supplement or value add meat to consumer in this country," says Rahman, "but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they did.” Unlike Europeans, especially Italian he notes, Malaysian has displayed a resistance to the idea of rabbits as food, but that seems to be changing.

He had this to say: “Rabbit makes more sense than chickens in a lot of ways, and if people ate more rabbit, I think they would see that instantly. Rabbits are easier to slaughter, quieter than, and not as stinky as chickens. I think it’s a really good solution. We have rabbits and chickens in our neighbor’s backyard, and we aren’t aware of the rabbits. It’s a cultural thing, we aren’t as accustomed to eating rabbits, but rabbit is becoming a fashionable meat.”

Biologically, their fast reproductive cycles encourage rapid generational assimilation. Rabbits, unlike chickens, quickly replenish their own stock, a stock that—with each iteration—is better suited for its particular environment. Being able to reproduce quickly and quietly are clear advantages that rabbits have over chickens—especially in densely populated areas. Unlike roosters, which are famously enthusiastic for crowing about their fecundity, rabbit bucks are known for being doers, not talkers. This noiseless intimacy means you can have both male and females together without annoying your neighbors.

Rahman sees raising rabbit as a natural extension of the “eat local” movement. “If you are talking about being a locavore then even if you live in a city, you need to grow your own food.” If you choose to eat meat, this is a way to do that in a responsible manner. If every time you wanted to enjoy some flesh you first had to slaughter and butcher an animal, it is likely that you would simultaneously eat less meat and appreciate it more when you did.

But are rabbits just too adorable to devour? Not for Rahman, “I don’t have a prohibition against eating cute animals, chicken also cute...and goat also very funny animal…the concept is on the perception of the consumer. I feel like if I’m eating animals I should eat all of them; if not, I should rethink my omnivorism."

You can visit Beruas Agrofarm in Perak to select best breed by your own or to see best farming practices.

This interview conduct by tukang kebun : Ampang.Selangor.

Monday, June 7, 2010

How to select rabbit meat

How to work with your meat.
Here is some tips,.

Good butchers and fresh food market sells whole rabbits, ready for cooking (skinned, gutted, head removed). They usually slaughter young at, around 12-14 weeks and generally weight between 1 and 1.5 kilograms. You can also ask for older rabbits that have finished their breeding life. These are bigger and meatier and have more fat and flavor that the young rabbits.

You will probably also be able to buy various cut of rabbit – the hindlegs and forelegs, the saddle and fillets. When choose rabbit, always choose meat that looks smooth and bit shiny. The liver and kidneys should be glossy and there should be no odour (bau).

* Most of the rabbit recipe contain red wine or alcholic but for the muslim you can replaced it with a apple juice,this is for keep the meat moisture and more juice.

p/s: enjoy your delicious food.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rabbit Meat - Storing Rabbit

Because it is lean, with minimal fan and connective tissues, rabbit is more perishable than other meats; treat it like chicken or veal.

-Unwrap and refrigerate all rabbit immediately. Rub it with olive oil or cover in an oil based marinade to protect it.
-Store it in a Tupperware container or sit it on a rack on a plate and cover it with a tea towel.
-Rabbit should be eaten within two to three days.

A whole rabbit can be delicious when wrapped in bacon and roasted with garlic and onions and splash of wine (for non Muslim). But because the legs and saddle cook at very different rates I usually prefer to break them down into joints. Rabbit legs are wonderful for braising, while the tender saddle (which come from the centre of the back and is made up two loins and tiny fillets) are great for quick cooking.

Because rabbit has virtually no body fat you need to add it. I often marinate(peram in malay words) rabbit in generous amount of olive oil before cooking it, or the meat can be wrapped in bacon, prosciutto (is a cooking technique) or caul fat (caul fat is the fatty membrane), to provide lubrication as it cooks.

That it, enjoy your meals