Sunday, May 23, 2010

Malaysia Meat Consumer Facts

If i were to ask a Malaysian, “What is the most consumed meat in Malaysia?” i wouldn’t be surprised if that fellow citizen might answer me, that it was chicken our favourite meat.

But by saying that we eat chicken the most, is just another one’s opinion based probably, on one’s personal observation or based probably, on one’s personal fear to mention all meat but pork. Offensive, they might say. Sensitive, they might say. Chicken sounds like a safe answer, plus, too many KFC’s, they are everywhere and everybody’s been eating chicken, they might say.

But the truth, the factual truth, as of 2008, with the population of Muslims in Malaysia is at 60.4%, and assuming only the non-muslims in Malaysia eat pork, as reported by Malaysia’s Department of Veterinary Services, the most consumed meat is pork, and not chicken — chicken, you lose — even if we assume 100% of us in Malaysia eat a lot of chicken and we further assume only 39.6% of us Malaysians who are non-mulims eat pork, pork still wins.

The most consumed meat in Malaysia, says the actual truth, is pork, . We ate 201,920 metric tons of pork, 150,696 metric tons of beef, and 953.36 metric tons of poultry meat (chicken, ducks, etc) as of 2008. Now doesn’t that surprise you.Beleive it or not!

These statistics can be obtained at Laman Web Rasmi Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar.
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