Monday, May 17, 2010

Chapter 2

Understanding Market Failure

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


The existence of market failure has raised the need of what is called the ‘Competitive information’.
Competitive information is slightly different with ‘information’; it is normally used side by side with ‘market intelligence’ in the sense that the competitive information can be directly used to assist in strategic and high level decision making process.

For example; what products to be produced to which regions or market segments. There is a clearly different market segments between central region, north and west Malaysia. So that we can see a different of prices and quality of the products.
To understand and to be able to provide competitive information is not easy task.

One needs the ability to see a situation from a private sectors’ perspective as well as from the perspective of governments and industries as a whole.

Insights from competitive information are normally brief, but the impact and implication can be deep and may lead to a reformation of the way things are done.
The rabbit meat industries is not yet merge as a mainstream industry in Malaysia, rabbit poultry products are no longer seen as low-quality products on the shelves of leading supermarkets or high class restaurants.

As a rabbit keeper or entrepreneur we need to improved rabbit meat to become a premium, world class and high quality products with the best standard of safety, traceability and assurance system. Maybe its hard to change the mind of Malaysian consumer but what we can do is provided them the add value product which is a healthy and very nutritious poultry.

For rabbit keeper, it is high time to search for competitive information, which will enable them a fair competition in a globalised nature of high quality products.
The local market meat needs credibility, integrity and uniformity. It needs to grow at a sustainable rate. Nothing more can be said, but surely as rabbit keeper, businessmen, manufacturers and exporters of rabbit meat products, let’s give our best together; the way forward is still bright.

This article is adopted from the paper that will present in THE WORKSHOP OF MARKETING AND POSITIONING RABBIT MEAT IN MALAYSIA CONSUMER, March 2011.


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