Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chapter 1

Understanding Market Failure

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the past 5 year rabbit farming industry have been place among local farmers, slow movement, but there are still have interest for increase the developments. Clearly the rabbit poultry industry is not a fast profitable sector and cannot be placed in major areas, because there is a lot of thing need to be scrutinized and investigated to improve productivity and quality of poultry livestock and maybe we need refer rabbit keeper or farmer in China on how they success with this industry. I am here not to write on the rabbit’s taxonomy or talk about ‘cuties’ little bunny, but more to study the potential of rabbit as a nutritious poultry product.

Based on reports from the Department of Statistics Malaysia until year 2005 there were 145 farmers throughout the Malaysia, which among them is a small-scale rabbit keeper purposely kept for personal interest or for commercializing as a pets’ rabbit or broiler. But the statistics in those directly involved in the particular rabbit meat industry is still not so clear as well as marketing their business and uncertain. Because there are no clear directions and plans, so many of us probably will failures in the marketing of rabbit products.

Market failures are typical for most rabbit meat keeper or entrepreneurs when they are trying to tap into or find a local or foreign market. Mistakes relating to local or international market selection occur through inadequate or inappropriate evaluations of markets potential. For starters, the terms ‘market potential’ itself may have different meanings and bearings, as for pet’s rabbit keeper or broiler rabbit farmers.

It should always be noted that market failures are almost always much more expensive than the costs associated with systematic evolutions. If a systematic market evaluation is conducted at the initial phase of the programme, occurrence of market failures could be prevented this is prove in what happen in Malaysia by late 1980’s.

There are many examples of market failures, such as failure in choosing the best platform as a stepping stone to a much larger market; failure in market positioning strategy; failure in branding and promotional direction; failure in contracting the ‘correct government agencies and officials; and the worst is we don’t understanding demanding or what the consumer want from the operators or rabbit keeper,…...to be con't

This article is adopted from the paper that will present in THE WORKSHOP OF MARKETING AND POSITIONING RABBIT MEAT IN MALAYSIA CONSUMER, March 2011.
By : Tukang Kebun


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